Baby Update – There’s something moving in there!

I first felt the baby moving a few weeks ago. Nam first felt it a month or two ago; it’s apparently hard for a first-time mother to tell movements of the fetus apart from digestive and other normal movements. Now, though, there is no mistaking it; he wakes his mom sometimes by moving around so much.

  • Sometimes if you tap or pat lightly, he taps back from the inside.
  • He grooves to a good beat and seems pretty chill when something soft is on.
  • Sometimes when I sing him a song, he pounds the walls for an encore. (So far one little, two little, three little Indians is his favorite even though I tell him the PC version should be counting Native Americans. He replied “I likes me a good curry.” What the hell does that mean? How the hell does he know a good curry from a bad one?)
  • His favorite TV show so far is The Shield, he likes to watch Vick Mackie kick ass.
  • He pretty much hates that Baby Einstein stuff – dancing dolls and teddy bears are for girls, he says.

4 thoughts on “Baby Update – There’s something moving in there!

  1. Pretty exciting, huh? Already, the wee old soul in a little body has a personality and he’s absorbing so much information about his world and the people/voices/sounds and FEELINGS that become who he is. Enjoy singing, laughing and celebrating pregnancy Life! Things will most definitely change once boya is out in the world, which can only be a much better, happier place because of who he is.

  2. Yay! I can access your blog while at work! It’s been too long! Too long!
    Hey, the Shield’s final season is starting up in roughly 8 weeks! I can’t stand the suspense any further!

  3. Hehe, my boy kicked his dad in the face while he was still in there and dad wanted to listen to him! I thought it was hilarious but daddy to be wasn’t too impressed. Needless to say that’s all long forgotten. 🙂

  4. That tapping is Lesson 1 from Dave Weckl’s “Back to Basics” – Worf’s first step to becoming Thailand’s ultimate drummer. And he knows a good curry becuase Uncle Dave took him lots of good curry rue!

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