The Toyota Collection

Speaking of the Crown, Ive been meaning to post an original sales brochure for it that I found on this page (They’re restoring a Kujira Crown they found on e-Bay).
You really have to click on the photo to open the enlarged version and read the copy at the bottom; it’s pretty trippy (I’m relieved to see that mine has at least one of the options listed – seat belts!).

What comes straight out of a rarified atmosphere of true elegance and good breeding at 100mph, replete with luxury, power-steering, Cooler Air Conditioning, 8-track stereo and every creature comfort?
The Crown Special 2600 Automatic. A precious object for collectors only.
At 2303.44 recommended retail price, incPT (extra for seat belts and delivery) why should one pay more?
And there’s no answer to that.
Crown Special. One of The Toyota Collection.

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