Strange baby products (part 1)

So people are starting to send me strange baby-related links, which is pretty cool. G sent me the first link:

If you haven’t given birth yet, the Zaky is great to bring to the hospital when your baby is born. Scent it with your own scent beforehand to help your baby when he/she is in the bassinet next to you or give it to the nurse when your baby is taken to the hospital’s nursery. This way you give your baby “your hand” with your scent, and the nurse can use it to support and position your baby. Also, because your baby smells and feels something constant from birth, the Zaky helps the transition to going home.

Uh, okay.
Adam sent me the next link: Issho ni Nenne baby Mickey womb doll by Takara Tomy

Baby Mickey and Minnie play internal melodies and sounds that recreate what they heard before birth, such as the heartbeat and bloodflow. This helps them sleep and relax, gives them a new friend to play with, and gives parents more peace of mind.

My personal take on these two products is that they would be better combined: Giant diembodied mouse paws that emit heartbeats and other assorted uterine BGM, scented with my man-sweat.

4 thoughts on “Strange baby products (part 1)

  1. Sing lullabies to your baby in your own manly voice. Otherwise you’re imprinting vermin voices into baby’s brain!

  2. The bad news is that if you have a high needs baby none of these gadgets will help at all. These babies simply don’t want to sleep without being close to mum – and they shouldn’t in my opinion. I’d recommend taking a look here, so you know what could happen and how to deal with it in the most gentle way:
    My boy was/is like this, but he is an adorable little sweetie otherwise!
    This site was invaluable for me during the first year, especially as I don’t believe in baby training!
    Good luck with it all!

  3. Dr. Sears’ article is right on….and as an infant, Justin was a high-needs baby! imagine my trying to teach Natural Childbirth and nursing classes, saying that keeping things easy, natural and soothing for baby would make for a calmer, more relaxed child, while my own sensitive baby would be fussing and wailing loudly, wanting only mom to hold him. I was such an exhausted, anxious first time mother. In all, I had 2 of these type A babies. Guess who the other one was?
    Good thing Nam is a more relaxed personality. Hopefully, your baby will be easy for both of you!

  4. Actually, the “Issho ni nenne” dolls might help. I watched the video on the website. Studies with fussy infants show that listening to recordings of intrauterine sounds helps sooth them quite a bit. I used to play a recording, (no doll) and Adam fell asleep. He still does. I know it would put ME to sleep!

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