First Glimpses of Posterity

Here is little Fetus swimming about like a tadpole at six weeks:

And here’s another shot, as well as a closeup at 8 weeks:

The doctor couldn’t get the right angle for the latter shots and at first thought Fetus was actually a pair… TWINS!!! What a scary thought! The world is not ready for Yoshida twins! (The doctor was wrong, though.)
If Fetus grows up and is freaked out by reading this blogpost, please remember Daddy did this with you in mind. This whole blog, in fact, is a record of who made you. It is only natural that you become the centerpiece.

5 thoughts on “First Glimpses of Posterity

  1. Can you imagine that you began as a wee little tadpole like baby fetus?
    Very cool images of life within mommy’s womb.

  2. Cousin Steve, for some reason, didn’t like the first and middle names I picked out for his baby, so I will pass them on to you: Worf Jean-Luc Worajinda-Yoshida. You can be the first person I know to have a child with TWO hyphenations in his name. Feel free to use this even if it’s a girl.

  3. Great, first “Cletus,” and now “Worf?” You guys need some babies of your own to give bullybait names to!
    BTW, Nam dropped her family name, because “Yoshida” rocks so hard.

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