Meet thine foe:

The Giant Centipede

These things just look evil, and Nam insisted I dispatch it when we found it in her university’s parking lot. “Dangerous for students walking around,” she said. I tried to kill it with a rock, but it wouldn’t die, so I pried a brick loose from a nearby footpath and ground its head into the hard-packed dirt. The whole time, my skin was crawling.
This was probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen (around 8 inches long, and fatter than your finger), much bigger than the ones in Japan.
Fucking nasty creatures.

2 thoughts on “D&D

  1. In Hawaii, giant red centipedes were the bane of anyone unfortunate enough to get bitten, but imagine my surprise at seeing little boys (ages 8-10?) with a mommy centipede and her clutch of eggs in a one gallon tin can. The bottom was covered with dead geckos. It was “D&D”, real time.
    Urging each other on for a bigger body count, one of the kids caught another gecko and on the count, “1, 2, 3..”, dropped it into the death pool. Immediately the centipede grabbed the soft little thing, which gave a screech, convulsed, and then went still.
    Our own little savages live deep within, ready to participate in secret, vengeful imaginings.

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