We were really busy running around to our schools and searching for the perfect set of tiles in a dusty warehouse all day, so the rain was most welcome when we pulled up to a roadside stand to buy take out. We sat down as the old couple chopped veggies and ground herbs and performed frying pan magic, and witnessed a most curious phenomenon: To the left of the shop it was raining down in sheets, as if the angry monkey in the sky was throwing buckets of water down at the earth, while on the right, it was merely sprinkling. The shop seemed to be situated right on the edge of the curtain of heavy rain, so to speak, and although it veered about twenty feet to the right of the shop a couple times, it always returned to center so we had a split view of the weather.
In other news, I saw a buffalo bird perched on top of a cow today, and I wondered if it knew it was a cow and just couldn’t be bothered to look for a buffalo, or if lice and ticks and other yummies are all the same to a buffalo bird.

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