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Took Nam to get blood tests (all good) and find our “steady” obstetrician today. Found one of the only females in the business in this area, and she tuned out to be solid. Only thing is, she called me “daddy” in Thai (as in, “what does daddy do for a living?”). This is the first time I’ve been called that in a non-joking context my whole life, and it felt weird. But she’s right – I’m gonna be a daddy, and it feels good. It just felt weird to be called that.
Just between you and me, though – when the hell did I get so old?

4 thoughts on “Who’s your

  1. Weird feeling? Just never call me granny, grandma, grandmother or anything grand. As for being “so old”, I think it’s grand that both of you are ready, willing and able to become excellent, loving parents. Cool.

  2. I think you’ll feel a lot older when you have to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby, heh. I’m going to spoil the hell out of your kid.
    I’ll be the relative that secretly gives them ten pounds of candy and a drum set, then stealthily exits your house and goes home. Ah, I can’t wait…

  3. you know you’re old when going to Home Depot sounds like fun. BTW, when is the due date? Are there any big differences in medical care and what about superstitions/traditions? You have some really cool content that you can post now. Not that Matisyahu isn’t interesting…

  4. As Uncle Adam will be dropping off the drum set, my job is half done. Uncle Dave will make a yearly trip and spend a week with Junior/Juniorette on
    1. Basics
    2. Stickology and Rim shots
    3. Basic Rock
    4. Basic Jazz
    5. Cymbology
    6. Double bass pedal
    7. Banging the shit out of things that are not drums – particularly the dash board of the Mustang that you requested – and djembe 101.
    These things I give to you 🙂

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