Some of the coldest words I’ve ever said…

…and I can’t take them back, so I might as well make them public:
“If you make my wife cry again, I’ll make you cry.” * **
So this is what it feels like to be Jack Bauer…
* This offer expires never.
** Get yours while supplies last!

5 thoughts on “Some of the coldest words I’ve ever said…

  1. WHO made her cry? I gotta teach her to be Ninja Nam and toughen up some. Crying is for after you get gentle revenge.
    What are you talking about, exactly?

  2. Some big man at work gave her shit for deciding not to go to China on a school trip next week, even somebody else is already set to go in her place and her only concern is the baby. Then he insisted it was alright, and the “Thai way of doing things when” I confronted him about it. That’s around where I told him I’d make him cry. Funny, he didn’t have much to say after that.
    So on top of being a coward, he also has the distinction of being the guy who likes making pregnant women cry now, so I hope everything works out real well for him, you know?

  3. Insecure passive aggressive bullying type, huh? POS.
    I’m happy that Nam is trusting her instincts enough to not travel to China in order to take car of herself and bebe. Good Mommy!

  4. It would have been *really* cool if you were wearing geta, a subtly tailored high school uniform and hefting a kendo shinai thwacking stick on your shoulder…

  5. and….about twenty hours later when he’s recovering…I’ll have to give him ‘five of these’………just ain’t the same without the gesticulation. Gesticulation sounds like a obstetrical term. And obstetrics sounds obtuse. Obtuse sounds mathematical. Therefore, gesticulation is mathematical. I knew counting fingers had something to do with it!!

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