Something… for nothing!

The first person WHO HAS A PAYPAL ACCOUNT and types a comment in this post can have the remaining balance of my current account.
That’s right, you will be a whopping four dollars and six cents (minus transfer fees) richer, unless there is a minimum transfer amount or some such shit I’m neither aware of nor inclined to look up at this particular moment.
…so don’t ever say I never gave you anything!
The reason I’m doing this, according to PayPal’s help page:

Q: I’m moving to another country. How do I change my street address?
A: When moving from country to country, you will need to close your existing account and open a new account in the country where you will be residing.
For example, if you move from the U.S. to Canada, you will need to close your U.S. account and open a Canadian account. If you move from Canada to the U.S., you will need to close your Canadian account and open a U.S. account.

So fuckin’ lame… The terrorists have already won (as if this wasn’t proof enough).

5 thoughts on “Something… for nothing!

  1. Adam and I are now on our way to our favorite dollar menu in town. Probably Wendy’s, for double cheeseburger, small chili w/cheese & onions, small frosty, and an order of chicken nuggets. That’s what the generous windfall will buy us for dinner, thanks!..

  2. Holy shit – you can get all that for four bucks? No wonder you imperialist pigdogs are all so voluminous! Me, I have only delicious fruits and earthy roots to blame for my waistline.

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