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  1. this is yomama. funny thing, when I try to list my name up there, this is what was already there…and adam’s name is in the e-mail box! Is your website run by spooky spooks or what?
    Anyway, the recipe for toasted carp sounds pretty ghetto. I’ll stick to wild sockeye salmon roasted on a cedar plank anyday!

  2. Actually, I’ve met some Europeans who claim that carp is their favorite fish to eat… The Chinese students in my university dorm used to catch carp and starve them in an aquarium for a couple weeks before eating them. They claimed this greatly (but not completely) negated the muddy taste of the flesh, but I was never keen to try it.

  3. I’ve been told that carp fishing is looked upon with pleasure in Europe, and not t hought of as “trash fishing” as it is here. Eating scavanger fish like carp that feed on human bodies does seem nasty though.
    Have you had black carp sashimi in Japan? We did, at your cousin’s wedding…..something about representing strangth, courage, determination, good fortune.

  4. >>Actually, I’ve met some Europeans who claim that carp is their favorite fish to eat…
    More power to ’em. I’m jealous of people who can pull the trigger on eating those bad boys since the ones we’ve pulled out of Lake Erie have been BIG. But then I remember that state saying that you should only eat carp twice a year (tops) because of all the toxins in it.
    I guess if you farm it, it might be acceptable; but if you’re going to put the time into farming a fish, it seems like you would grow something a tad tastier.

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