For you. Who me? Yes, you.

You asked for all of my Thai-related posts; this category contains most of them: Thai Society/Culture
This is a chronological listing starting from around the time I came to Thailand to ask for Nam’s hand in marriage (spring ’05).
The other Thai-related category on my site is Our Wedding in Thailand, which is just aptly-named as hell, if I do say so myself. It contains the exploits of two elephants, several hundred wedding guests, and the imaginary Jennifer Lopez living in my head, so proceed with caution.

1 thought on “For you. Who me? Yes, you.

  1. JLo in your head… Reminds me of the episode of South Park when Cartman’s hand usurped the real JLo, and Ben Affleck fell in love with it instead.
    “Ewwww, Ben Afleck spooge…” – one of the wrongest moments in the history of the show.

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