Charcoal filtered Maxi Pad – with Wings!

Some just aren’t man enough to take credit for the stank: Flatulence Odor Control Products

In 2002 Brian retired from the Hawaii Army National Guard after serving 23.5 years so he could tend to the growing demands of the business. It was there, where Brian came up with the idea for the Flatulence Deodorizer (known today as the Flat-D). During a simulated Chemical attack, Brian and few other soldiers were tasked to complete their mission, while wearing Chemical protective clothing. While wearing the clothing he released gas and noticed that he couldn’t smell any odor nor could anyone else. But it wasn’t until one morning when Brian’s wife had an episode of gas did Brian make the connection. Brian’s wife made a statement that would set the wheels in motion. She said “Too bad there’s not underwear that can be worn and you don’t have to worry about the odor”.

This product, I feel, would make the most humiliating birthday gift for just about anyone who doesn’t need it.

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