Tainted by Marriage (Thai Government Bank Discrimination)

Okay, I have a really fucked up situation that needs airing, even if the country in which I am currently residing isn’t being ruled by an elected government and the province we live in is still officially under martial law. I thought long and hard on the porcelain about how to state this and I’ve decided to do it quick and dirty, without being too specific.
Last Friday, Nam went to a government bank to apply for a housing loan (we be moving soon, but that’s another story/rant). The president of this bank refused her application on the grounds that she is – wait for it now – married to a foreigner!
Oh, man, that just blew our minds…. We made sure several times, and he came back with the same answer unwaveringly: Thai nationals who are married to foreigners cannot borrow from their bank because they are also considered foreigners. So to be clear: My wife, who went to the pains of getting seriously educated overseas, incurring huge student loans in the process (which are being paid back now with long years of underpaid university work), and who is dedicated to giving back to the system isn’t eligible for a (relatively modest) housing loan because her husband is a foreigner.
So we thought, maybe, you know, this being a rural bank and all that, maybe Mr. Hillbilly Goatfucker bank president just got his wires crossed and was saying some xenophobic shit and refusing to even consider Nam’s loan application – which I understand is his right, but I also know is shit we can call him on, you know? So Nam called up the main bank in Bangkok and guess what? What we ran into isn’t discrimination on the part of our local branch, it’s actual Thai government policy.
Well, fuck me very much.
Not really much else to say, except, hey, if they don’t want our money, any number of private banks are happy to serve us (and take our money).

3 thoughts on “Tainted by Marriage (Thai Government Bank Discrimination)

  1. …and you thought that racist and discriminatory attiudes here in the states were a low-blow. Thailand will forever be a 3rd world economy because of such idiotic policies. Sorry that you both are feeling the pain of discrimination, but hey, tell my sweet daughter Nam that we’d gladly back you both up any day as your personal bankers because you’re much more than a sound investment….you’re both quality people.

  2. Wow, that’s too bad. Hopefully you guys can get a loan at a private bank.
    But you have one thing going for you: elephants. They didn’t seem to care at your wedding that you’re foreign. Me, I don’t got no elephants to back me up…

  3. Thanks for the support… We’ve already gone in for opening talks and shouldn’t have a problem at any other banks. No matter our color, our money is green, after all.

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