Random links for April 11, 2007

Thanks to the Internet, I now know that the pee shivers are (possibly) officially known as post-micturition convulsion syndrome.
How many incorrect stereotypes can you spot in this photo? Better yet, which ones are intentional, and which ones show just how ignorant the creators are?
A sea lion eating a shark
Christ almighty, that’s a huge rockfish! (and a century old…)
Hey, look: A published magazine illegally using and actually watermarking my brother’s photographs! Sue those bitches, Adam! (and yes, people think that the thieves are the creators. Hell, they even think so in Thailand!) This is obviously a bigger sin than, say, incorrect attribution.
Have a nice day.

1 thought on “Random links for April 11, 2007

  1. May uncontrollable PCMS (piss shivers sounds much more
    natural) be wrought upon all internet thieves and their
    partners!!! Must say I have enjoyed the recent drama over
    a fucking fishtank!! fuck a buck must be a real dick-weed!!

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