3 thoughts on “My favorite breakfast joint in Sarakham

  1. dude – I cannot wait until my next visit. The gastronomic delights that await!!! I’m sure you got all the kind schitt picked out. Are them sandwichy looking thingies bread?

  2. I second the motion, Ko! Let’s go! Jus, what’s in the soup? Meat? How much for a bowl like that?
    I pay 8 bucks for my favorite Maui Burger at Islands. Wonder how much drought cattle burger that would buy?

  3. > Are them sandwichy looking thingies bread?
    Yeah, little rolls filled with ground pork and sausage! Also, slathered with butterish substance (I may have to introduce them to real butter some day)! I call them heart attack rolls and they kick ass!
    > How much for a bowl like that?
    The hot plate of eggs is like fifty cents, maybe. The rolls are 25 or 30 cents. We usually take out some of Nam’s junior teaching staff for breakfast and I get to play the big man by buying the whole crew brekky – never comes out to more than 5 or 6 bucks.

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