Weird Thai Snacks

SEMON – The breakfast of champions. Extra creamy filling.

CHICKEN SHAKE – According to the package, it is/contains neither. It is, however, a magnificent concept, even more repulsive than the famous meat shake joke.
BIG SHEET – When you get the urge for coprophagy, nothing else will doo. 😉

3 thoughts on “Weird Thai Snacks

  1. next time I go, I want to wander around the town and pick up various things at the grocery store. How are the flavors? Is the sweetness(sugary) tempered in a orientally fashion? Is the spiciness bolder than here? The US market is getting better on the bold/spicy market however, – the ‘Fiery Habanero’ Doritos are actually pretty good. More folks are getting into ‘Real’ chocolate these days, and realizing Hershey’s is not the only chocolate in the world.

  2. As far as things you would buy at a convenience store go, things aren’t that great. Anything you buy to drink besides water contains WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR, including all varieties of tea like green, jasmine, and barley.
    There are sometimes good selections of dried fruits and nuts, and the offhand tasty flavor of chips or crackers.
    Everything else is sweet, gross, or nasty. This, however, does not stop me from trying everything once. I’m pretty sure I have a better grasp on the snack situation in Thailand than most Thais.

  3. Thai food’s like Indian food. Try the curry puffs, and the lard nar (that’s rice noodles with lots and lots of pepper, cooked chicken and gravy, fried in lard). Perhaps maybe you can try that basil beef dish, it’s spicy but not hot, and it contains palm sugar. Some Thai foods contain lime, I’m pretty sure there’s lime juice in curry puffs.

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