Tiny Geckos

… are falling from my walls onto my bed and the floor. There are hundreds of them, I’m sure, hatching around our house. I’ve seen around 30 or so in the past couple of days, slightly more than an inch long and still learning how to walk. Thus, they fall on my bed from the ceiling. I accidentally crushed one with the screen door yesterday and felt really bad about it.

hemidactylus frenatus – the House Gecko, known as “jingjok” in Thailand.
Image borrowed from here.

5 thoughts on “Tiny Geckos

  1. Dude, that’s so cool! I love geckos!
    You have to start cataloging the species you encounter by common name, Thai name, and Latin name, because that would kick ass. Get yourself a SE Asian reptile guide…

  2. I read that there were poisonous geckos, maybe white ones? Is this true? I remember how you kids used to love watching the geckos at night, scurry across the walls and ceilings to catch insects that were attracted to the lights. I love their distinctive call!

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