SEO update for CB’s Hasty Musings

The top ten search phrases for this blog, via Google Analytics:

  1. naked fat men (corresponding link)
  2. fat men naked (same link as above)
  3. snow crash movie (corresponding link 1, 2)
  4. miami vice theme song (corresponding link)
  5. cosmic buddha (too many links to list)
  6. food carving (corresponding link 1, 2)
  7. fish sausage (corresponding link 1, 2, 3)
  8. fragalicious (corresponding link)
  9. adam was arrested for (corresponding link)
  10. sword tricks (corresponding link)

In addition, here are a few others I found interesting:

  • ramen vending machine
  • the devil is beating his wife
  • i hate disneyland
  • drink pee
  • too many mcs not enough mics
  • gory gory what a helluva way to die
  • bald women for buddha
  • tobita red light district
  • eating a dog recipes
  • ping pong handjob
  • society of the big buddha
  • the 4th cavalry pakistan
  • fake giant catfish in pickup truck
  • “des moines” tatami beds
  • iraq fishing
  • dachshund road kill
  • j lo interviews
  • dequervain’s tenosynovitis
  • hummingbird moth japan
  • how to date a white woman
  • buddhist pimp
  • why do japan “turn off their headlights” at intersections
  • “wakamezake”
  • buy pocari sweat monterey park
  • french sushi
  • name of japanese lint removal
  • penguin wrangler job
  • dethmor
  • “fairbank sykes”
  • invention no. 13 in a minor
  • la cucina povera
  • vintage ladies armpit hairs
  • “pet bottle” pronunciation
  • what happened to sambo’s restaurants
  • how to make a basby stop crying
  • bukkorosu
  • was amelia earhart a spy?
  • where to rent an elephant
  • photosof indian ladies who shaved their head for god sake
  • us ketchup problem in japan
  • stankometer

Now, I can pretty mcuh guess which posts each term correspond to, but I’m WAY too lazy to actually find the links. Curious about any of the terms above? Look them up on my search engine.

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