Secret Stacks of Silk

A couple months ago we visited a famous silk shop on the outskirts of a nearby town on behalf of a Japanese buyer. She wanted samples from this area of Thailand because of the Khmer and Laotian influence that provides the Isan region with a special mix of so many things, including silk patterns. Basically, this was one of my biggest fantasy scenarios of all time – shopping for stuff I like, unrestrained, with a huge budget – and we attacked this job with zeal.
We started by having the staff crack open the glass cases containing the good cuts of choicest silk, and buying a sample of each. We then moved on to the (merely) high quality stuff, then the normal quality stuff. Eventually, lost in a sea of conversation between my wife and the shop’s owner in a language I still don’t understand, I got bored.
I wandered to the back of the shop, where the shopkeeper’s mother was sitting perfectly still in a wicker chair and just getting older, and noticed a door that was cracked open just enough to see the goldmine…

Like thumbing through old vinyls…
I conveyed to the old lady that I wanted to enter and she gave the signal OK… I stepped in to find a storage room filled with unsorted silk sheets stacked from floor to ceiling…
I had died and gone to heaven; it was a silk junkie’s Nirvana.
I spent an eternity in there…
I was in there so long, my wife urged me to hurry up because she was tired… I had done the impossible!
I had outshopped my wife, shopping for girly stuff!


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  1. Oops, sorry! Looks like it’s already been
    granted. Keep up the poofy work!! Nice set
    of wheels, by the way!

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