Tweaks and Countermeasures

I’m fiddling with software settings in the background here, mostly to alleviate some of the hits our site is taking from comment spam, but also to improve usability on the admin side. If you have any problems with comments or notice anything strange, please let me know.
I have also folded my moblog and the School of Rice blogs into archives here and here to simplify things (since they are no longer updated).
Categories (on the sidebar) have been rearranged, but remain a poor way of finding specific posts. Using the search function is better for that. You can always contact me if you need help finding something; I can usually find specific posts fairly quickly.
I will get around to making this blog a bit easier on the eyes when I have the time (I’m quite tired of seeing this default MT template myself), however, function over form, as they say.
I’ve decided to disable all incoming Trackbacks, too. It was a long time in coming, but truly a pity. Fuck you, spammers.

1 thought on “Tweaks and Countermeasures

  1. I would also like to say “F*ck you!” to the spammers. I hope that you and your mail enhancement products get run over by an asphalt flattener.
    I’ll get around to familiarizing myself with the stuff you sent me when time allows. Thanks for your diligence.

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