my week in signs

“jump for joy! you made it without wetting your pants!”

There’s always time for air hockey… with your gang.

No peddling measly wares, you Dickensian biotches (M-F 8:00 – 10:00AM)

The coolest car I saw this month. Some type of Hillman.

A line of mops, brooms, and scrub brushes marketed under the brand name BLACK MAN. So wrong, I just had to have one – now that’s marketing!

Overall, the sparse furnishing and utilitarian decor force us to recommend Mass Casualty Zone A over this one.

What starts in the men’s room ends in the man room.

4 thoughts on “my week in signs

  1. The funny thing about the funny pic is what’s written in Thai: HongNam Chay.
    It means. Toilet yes.
    Apparently some people there didn’t get it that this was the toilet. HAHAHA.

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