New Job: Bring me apples, yo

So here’s the deal: I got the university job and started yesterday, I’ve taught three classes so far and will be teaching Tuesday through Friday, 18 hours a week. I was assigned an office (shared with four other teachers) and a desk yesterday; today I was greeted at the door by a large, dirty dog who tried to schnozz my crotch, but was blocked by my Sweeping Dragon knee-block (I have two younger sisters and a younger brother, this particular defense is the sole reason my powers of procreation lasted past age 12). Later, I tried to pet said dog on the head, and he snapped at my fingers… I think we understand each other now.
What was that thing about “sleeping dogs” again?
Well, I won’t blog about work so much because I haven’t signed a contract yet, and also this job is inherently different from what I was doing in Japan. I feel I have to watch what I say because there are so many eyes on me now… like, I shouldn’t fucking curse so much, you know?
Meh, it’s all or nothing for me, you know? Either say what I mean, or blog anonymously. So, no real plans to change the way I do things here; I’ll just be open about it and see what happens. At my previous job, I actually had a blogging clause written into the contract. I kind of decided to never mention my company’s name on the blog, and it worked out well I think. I mean, there was the whole pink shirt issue, which pretty much made my company look like a bunch of idiots, but hey – that’s what the people who made the decision were.
One thing I will say about the new workplace is that I like the outdoor amphitheatre-sans-roof right next door:

“I am an opera singer”

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