I, Teacher?

Just came back from my first job interview in Thailand, for a contract teaching position at a nearby university… I think I’ll try it out for a while. The people I will be working with all seem really cool, plus I need a break from salaryman mode, for a while at least.

5 thoughts on “I, Teacher?

  1. Different uni from Nam’s, but still nearby. Maybe a ten minute drive. I’ll find out from now because I have to drop off some documents; hope I can find my way back there.

  2. I have been reading your blog and it is fantastic. I have been following your move to Thailand with great interest…. facinating country. What did you do as a salaryman in Japan?

  3. Thanks, Dee! I worked at a big electronics manufacturer on (ooo – top secret!) device development project with US and European co-developers. Also, as mentioned above, they made me wear a pink uniform shirt almost every day. I kind of like to think I got paid for wearing a pink shirt…

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