4 thoughts on “Wakayama Bees

  1. Dude. No bees! Bees are BAD!! All bees, especially the ones that are aircraft carrier size, should be shot in half with a bb gun (just like in the good ole days).

  2. Ad: I ran them through my standard PS action called Satan’s Ballsack. It consists of Auto Levels and Unsharp Mask. The photos might have come out better if I tweaked the Unsharp Mask settings a bit more, but for my time, this is a decent effect.
    Also, the color of the sunflower stems is bluish because I tweaked my camera settings for vivid color (via Ken Rockwell’s D50 settings page). I like how it looks.

  3. Dave, the big ass ones I used to nail with the Airsoft Beretta were hornets – the main difference with bees being that they can bite you multiple times as opposed to stinging you once and dying. That’s why I enstated the zero tolerance policy (in addition to the fact that they were scary as hell).

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