The case against Korean Air

They are retarded:
Korean Air bans in-flight use of Dell, Apple laptop computers over battery problem
Never mind that only certain models were affected, or that many people have already traded in their recalled batteries… That’s a deciding factor when buying tickets, bitches! (and not only because most of your seats don’t have an in-seat power supply system) Tasty in-flight bibimbap aside, KAL is now dead to me.
In other news today, Korean Air (NASDAQ: KAL) is buying out a major Korean notebook PC manufacturer…

2 thoughts on “The case against Korean Air

  1. Well, if my little MAC is too scary for your bibimbop friends, then I’ll book future flights with JAL or Thai Airlines. But really, how are they supposed to know if someone’s laptop battery is defective or not? Is it a real threat to safety? Just wondering out loud.

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