New Product Alert

First, an item that should prove immensely popular overseas:

JAPAN no kaori (“the scent of Japan”)
That’s right, it’s JAPAN branded toilet paper! Embroidered with the characters for “Takeshima” and “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere,” using it will surely evoke visions of a glorious, chrysanthemum-scented future! Made with 100% sandalwood pulp.

Next up is the greatest thing since sliced mochi:

Sour cream in a tube!
Possibly taking their cue from Kewpie Mayonnaise, Nakazawa has replaced their line of tiny 130ml cups of sour cream with tiny 100ml tubes of the same! Brilliant!
(note: On closer inspection, the cup image I linked to is a 1 liter tub that I’ve never seen in stores, but it looks much the same as its smaller brother. Also, I always thought the mayonnaise-in-tube thing was strictly a Japanese phenomenon, but I encountered the same thing in Europe, albeit in wholly foil tubes, not plastic-covered foil.)

2 thoughts on “New Product Alert

  1. At least the sour cream in the mini-cups all came out is one glob and you didn’t have to worry about leaving any pricey sour-cream-wanna-be in a tube. At least Costco carries pretty decent sour cream. I expect a FULL report on Thai sour cream once you get there (but of course, this will ONLY be available in Bangkok, I’m sure).

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