New Bangkok Airport Opening

Over at the Beeb website: Bangkok’s airport faces nervous start
I, for one, will miss the old airport because I don’t fancy the clusterfuck that seems to be taking shape regarding transportation from the new airport. Apparently, the regular taxi terminals are 3 kilometers from the arrival gate! I hope that gets worked out sometime soon.
Since I am leaving on October 20, I will probably be flying into Suvarnabhumi (airport code NBK has been assigned until until all international flights are transferred from Don Muang, the old airport, after which it will assume the code everyone is used to, BKK). The funny thing is, I really can’t remember a case of international airports changing when I liked the new one better. Itami to KIX, Kimpo to Incheon, Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi, the trend is basically to fill the new ones with a million expensive trinket and swill shops in order to make everyone forget that they are in the middle of nowhere, and at least an hour away from the city you were supposedly flying into!

2 thoughts on “New Bangkok Airport Opening

  1. For those of us who flew into the old airport for your wedding, and who were a bit confused with all the hubbub, thank you for picking us up and making sure we were okay! Now, with this new untested facility, I’m hoping that somehow, a set of miracles will allow for a better experience!….but I”m going to wait until others make the trip, and then go over, okay?

  2. Denver Int’l is like that. When you land, you’re looking for all the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers…all that beautious shit, and where you land is like, in the middle of the desert. Well, maybe at the new airport, we won’t have the customs lines shifting to the left just because some of the agents were going on break right after a couple of 747’s land. THAT was a trying experience.

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