Guy Gabaldon

This post over at f*ckedgaijin reminded me that I hadn’t posted about Guy Gabaldon yet. You really should read that last link, some of his exploits were seriously amazing. My mom sent an e-mail informing us of his passing which I quote below:

“Sometimes, life is seemingly unfair and we don’t get what we want. Guy did not get his medal of honor while alive, however we shall see what happens in the near future. I called his family in Florida today and Aiko, his daughter, said that Guy will be cremated and half of his ashes interred in Saipan and the other in Arlington National Cemetary. They asked if I could attend his funeral and of course I said I’d be honored.
Steve Rubin, the war and history film maker and producer, said that he got permission from Universal to re-release “Hell to Eternity” so that it can be packaged with the new documentary on Guy’s life (amazing footage, including one of Guy lobbing a grenade into a cave on Saipan). When it comes out, I’ll be given a copy so that anyone of you may see it, if you’re interested.”

Of course, all of us kids saw Hell to Eternity several times because our mom was in it (both our mom and dad were in war films, mostly in minor “Japanese” roles), but I never got to meet Guy. I wish I had. And it goes without saying that I think he should have been awarded the MOH. 800 prisoners! How many lives did he save?

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