Ebi Fry (Japanese Hummingbird Moth)

An elusive Japanese Hummingbird Moth, aka “?????”
I finally caught one on film card, and he’s a color I’ve never seen before!

9 thoughts on “Ebi Fry (Japanese Hummingbird Moth)

  1. Wow, you finally got a picture of one of those bastards. I’ve tried and failed many times. Next you have to catch one, fry it up, and see if it tastes like tempura.

  2. Anon: From what I could find on the net, this is a type of Hummingbird Moth or Sphinx Moth, Family Sphingidae.
    Sandmich: I took it with my Nikon D50, which is a cheapie (but reliable) DSLR. The one we discussed a couple months ago is my wife’s Nikon Coolpix S6 which I’ve also had good results with, and is much handier than the D50 (it even has wifi capability!), but is harder to get great results with.

  3. cool! i&ve been looking for a photo of one of these forever! i used to watch these in my gsrden in fukuyama every morning.

  4. Yeah, I saw one and tried to photograph it myself, but with no results like this! Bizarre little bugs, aren’t they? Freaked me out when I first saw it–I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was.

  5. I’m so glad I found this pic. I live in Japan and have just found one of these feeding off my bouganville (sp?). I couldn’t tell if it was a bird or bug. Glad you gave me some clarity. They are truly beautiful things!!

  6. We saw these feeding on our lantana flowers here on Okinawa, Japan. Thanks for the clarification- we thought they were the world’s smallest hummingbirds!!! I had no idea that moths could hover. Great photo.

  7. My boyfriend and I saw dozens of these little guys flitting around in Osaka, Japan while we were traveling. We thought they were hummingbirds! We couldn’t get a close look at them because they moved so fast – but they were beautiful 🙂 We tried to get pictures but none of them turned out like this! Nice shot!

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