Blessed are the gentle

I’m on lunch break.
My old pal Lenny just ambushed me out of nowhere with a Flaming Fist o’ Tuna Roll attack to the shoulder and caused me to spill iced coffee on my pants (in the crotchital region, of course). What made today’s attack unique was that he said, “I’m gonna KILL you!,” as he stepped in for the blow. (Coffee aside, the shit was pretty funny, because Lenny’s eyes get all googly and bulge out when he gets excited.)
A nearby coworker jumped to my aid and exclaimed, “Lenny! NO! BAD BOY! You can’t EVER say you’re gonna kill someone!,” and also added, “right, Justin?”
As I wiped the drops of coffee from my pants, which left brown gonorrheal smears across the fly, I hissed, “Lenny… I’m gonna fucking KILL you!
And he ran away laughing hysterically.

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