Top Flickr Cameras

This is interesting:
The top camera makes and models used to take photos uploaded to Flickr

“The lists are generated automatically by periodically sampling the EXIF data from the stream of recent uploads.”

I had no idea my camera, the D50, was so popular. Of course, I feel it’s still the best DSLR for the money (I bought mine over a year ago), so it’s unsurprising other people feel the same. Shit, if I wasn’t completely happy with it, I’d switch to a different model just to not have the most popular one…
Now that I’ve invested in Nikon glass, if I were ever to lose or break my current camera body, I wouldn’t hesitate in buying another D50 – it’s currently listed for around 54,000 yen on kakaku (link to current price). That’s cheap, and it will probably get cheaper, especially after the new D80 comes out.

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  1. J- have you seen or used that new 18-200 VR AFS lens? I used it on a trip earlier this month and it ROCKS SO HARD! You must invest. Seriously.

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