On Jellies and Fireweed

This is depressing as all hell, but is also a must-read: A Primeval Tide of Toxins
We are human; of course we all know how this is going to turn out, and yet, we continue in our set ways because there is no miracle cure.

2 thoughts on “On Jellies and Fireweed

  1. Very depressing since I don’t like to eat jellyfish at all! Sustainable organic farming has been and always will be one of the only ways to grow food without polluting the earth and waters of this world. Have you seen Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”? Good film with a hopeful message.

  2. Good article, though long on issues and very short on possible trade-offs that might help negate the most negative aspects of the pollution. I’ll give them an out though since there may will be NO good trade-off and even if one existed it’s doubtful that the brain trust in the U.S. that brought us the ‘Big Dig’ could even come close to executing such a plan (hurricane Katrina anyone?).

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