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  1. I would like to say that point #5 of this is not true. The Dianoga is released into the trash compactor from the side. Any TRUE Star Warsian knows that. And what makes him think that it is JUST a trash compactor. Located as close as it is to the holding chambers, I would say that they blasted a back door into a torture chamber. That would be more like the Empire. We only got to see the hole that they blasted. I bet that the other side has a one-way mirror kind of room where the Storm Troopers bet on how the prisoner is going to die – being crushed or eaten by the Dianoga.

  2. But I’m the one who brought up the subject, so let me defend the link:
    First of all, the very definition of dianoga is “a disgusting garbage parasite that infests the refuse systems of large Imperial installations and warships.” So it is reasonable to assume that the one shown in the movie might actually live in the trash compactor. And according to this authority, “the dianoga itself had managed to burrow into the wall, and so was relatively safe inside the compactor.”
    In other Dianoga-related news, Mark Hamill did all but admit his fondness for autoerotic, shit-happy tentacle rape in Bantha Tracks #18 by using the words “smutz” and “choo-choo” in the same sentence.
    Last but not least, I believe the main reason the Dianoga survived the moving walls was that it has Dexterity 2D as well as Perception 3D+1, and not because of some recessed flooring scheme of the trash compactor!
    In short, young Padawan, the Force is strong within you, but my powers of n3rd coupled with internet access shall prevail.

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