Oh, my shaka.

“PuppyPurse makes it easier to take your dog with you, whether you’re shopping, fly fishing or just taking a walk and nothing gets in the way of snuggling and kissing your baby whenever you want to”

The only question is, can you get one that holds seven puppies?
(also see here and here)
According to the official website, this product seems to appeal mostly to snobby rich blondes.
And how do the dogs feel about it?
Just shoot me, already.

3 thoughts on “Dogtards

  1. 1. I, too, like the model.
    2. The model is thinking, “My agent’s gonna get a kick in the head when this photo shoot is done.”
    3. Is this product for dog LOVERS or animal haters? Seems like it could go either way…

  2. No, I think that the Snugli type of dog carrier (dog facing out in chest pack) on a guy is much more disturbing. These are dogs, people, and they have feet! But the hottest and most practical doggie item is the canine stroller, which we see all over in places like Carmel, Fashion Island, etc…..seems that it’s very nice for the ladies to take Fifi shopping without worrying about leashes, pee-pee or wandering off to sniff strange dog bottoms! And guess what? Someone donated one to your sister for Molly and the pups! Eeegad.

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