Free 80’s Music

A digg user has posted 100 free 80’s mp3s over on his blog.
Go download some and relive the glory years of commie-fearing, plastic neon superconductivity.
By the way, I noticed they had G-mans new favorite karaoke jam on that page, Cutting Crew’s I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight. His semi-faithful rendition of that horrible song at the Big Echo in Umeda a couple months ago had me blowing beer out my nose.
Legal note: Piracy is bad. I do not advocate swilling rum while raping damsels on a dead man’s chest. On the other hand, YOHOHO BIOOOTCHES!

5 thoughts on “Free 80’s Music

  1. does anyone know this song? the lyrics to the chorus are something like this: susanna, susanna. take me all the way, susanna yeah….could be roxanna i don’t know or make it all the way i’m really not sure. it sounds like foreigner or journey but i’ve searched forever and can’t find it, please help.

  2. Hi Chris. Sounds to me like the song you’re looking for is Rosanna by the band Toto. There most famous track was Africa. Which in my opinion is another 80’s classic. sure you’d find it on limewire if you dares go one it!!

  3. Me again. If you follow the link at the top of this page Toto’s Rosanna is about three quarters down the list!!

  4. Check out my personal website for the best in 60s, 70s and 80s oldies, classic rock and retro music.
    // ED – Nah, fuck that. //

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