Eels! Getcher Pipin’ Hot Eels Here!

Had a yummy lunch today – unadon. If the Beef Bowl chain in the states (menu) began serving unadon, would they call it Eel Bowl?
As any self-respecting kabayaki snob will tell you, unagi is best prepared over charcoal. My fondest unagi meal in memory, however, was one I did not partake in.
Way back in our Tenri university dorm days, I had a dog who we named after a certain blue-haired cartoon hedgehog. Sonic’s two favorite things were rooting around in irrigated rice fields, and eating our leftovers after every meal.
Well, one day somebody took pity on our broke college student asses and prepared for us a veritable feast of unadon bentos. Idiots that we were, we got drunk and left the bentos out in the torpid summer heat – just over night, but that was more than enough to ensure they spoiled. We cried the next day over our ruined bento, and had the bright idea of feeding it to the dog. Sonic wolfed them down in approximately 17 seconds, and had explosive diarrhea for the next three days. I cleaned it up as well as I could and it was many years before I could stand the smell of grilled unagi again.
Those were the days.

4 thoughts on “Eels! Getcher Pipin’ Hot Eels Here!

  1. I did get it at the cafeteria but I forgot to take a photo. The photo above was borrowed without permission from some Japanese site.
    YOHOHO mothafuckaz!

  2. Sonic’s first meal? That would be some turkey jerkey that I had. Not as bad as rancid eel, but not good for a puppy.

  3. I love una-chan. There’s a restaurant in Gardena (Tsukuba) that used to import live ones and sell the unadon meal for about $40. They don’t do that anymore. Too many california roll lovers. Even further back than that was a place called Matsu… something on the corner of Normandie and Rosecrans. They had good unagi too. But, I ain’t found a good one around here lately. Everybody uses the frozen shit. Not bad, but it just don’t compare to the fresh shit.

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