One of the most interesting things I’ve read in a while:
Eat Me: The Soviet method for attacking infection that we can learn from
Favorites passages:
– “You send your bacterial sample to the lab, and it’s either matched up with an existing phage or a phage is cultured just for you.”
– “Phages are also sold over-the-counter in Georgia. People take the popular mixture piobacteriophage, for example, to fight off common infections including staph and strep. These phage mixtures are updated regularly so they can attack newly emerging bacterial strains.”
– “One company recently tried to open a phage center in Tijuana but was deterred by the Mexican government. Phages might be offered someday at clinics on Native American reservations, as a casinolike quirk of legislative autonomy.”
I like the fact that you can legally procure heroin in TJ, but a sure fix for an infectious disease? No, senor.

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