Uncle Po

One benefit of getting married is that now I have an uncle Po. I guess I have always secretly wanted an uncle named Po. I mean, who wouldn’t? Uncle Po wore a pimp ass purple silk shirt to my wedding, and was aggressive in getting the photos he wanted with his weathered Nikon – film, of course. Uncle Po is OG like that.
Anyway, go check out his work: Photos from Uncle Po!
And just in case you missed out on any of the other photos we have put up until now, you can find a link to all of them here: LINK
“Annointed by an angry monk”, a photo by Po (uncle)

4 thoughts on “Uncle Po

  1. Those photos are great – interesting ceremony, too. Looks almost like a red carpet event w/all the cameras and such.

  2. Did you know there was a band from Bristol UK called Uncle Po? They had a record out on BEEB records in 1977 which recently sold on ebay for a lot of money. Just thought your Uncle would want to know.

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