sorry, i’m stupid

You know those situations where you refrain from explaining something to somebody because you don’t think they’ll get it, then they turn out to understand it better than you do and you’re too embarassed to admit that you didn’t think they were capable of understanding it to begin with, which is already apparent to them anyway?
It makes you just want to go hide in a corner somewhere, especially if you kind of like that person… But sometimes it’s nice to confirm you’re just an asshole, like everybody else around you.

4 thoughts on “sorry, i’m stupid

  1. I asked someone to do something in a specific way because I didn’t think they could do it the way I really wanted them to. But they ended up doing it the way I wanted them to anyway because they knew it was the right way. And I had to explain why I asked them to do it the wrong way in the first place – which was embarassing.

  2. uhhh, it’s not your fault. It’s genetics. Dad does that all the time and still wonders why I give him “the look”, and then walk away.

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