Rhymes with “complaining”

Go check out this
AV Club interview with Matt Groening.

AVC: Do you think a Life In Hell cartoon would have taken off the way The Simpsons did?
MG: I think human beings probably resonate with audiences more than bunnies, but who knows? One of these days, I’ll get around to animating Life In Hell. I still draw it every week, been doing that for the last 25 years. I’m just now putting together, for the first time, Life In Hell toys. Yes, I’m finally selling out.

My favorite Life in Hell strip is the one where Akbar is on his deathbed confessing how he’s been peeing in the bathroom sink all these years. Since I’m too lazy to find it online, here’s one with Binky:

(click to enlarge)
BONUS LINK: The “Akbar” font that mimics Matt Groening’s handwriting

2 thoughts on “Rhymes with “complaining”

  1. I think it belongs on something like Adult Swim.Kinda like the Oblongs or some of their other crazy shows.
    Doesn’t Futurama already come on Cartoon Network…or is that Comedy Central? Maybe they could work out a deal.

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