Parking in Japan

… is about to get worse, if that’s even possible: No quarter for illegal parking from June
This may have changed since it’s been a couple years since I got a parking ticket, but the cheapest one is generally well over a hundred dollars, plus you lose a couple points off your license (well, technically, you gain two points, but still…).
I predict that turning it over to third party metermaids is going to result in some beat up metermaids, at least in the short run.

5 thoughts on “Parking in Japan

  1. Uh oh, this could mean trouble. Privitization will mean that these bastards will go fucking nuts trying to issue as many tickets as possible. It’s bad enough with motorcycle cops getting a cut of their moving-violation tickets–I got two tickets on my scooter in one week for chickenshit charges, one of them for squeezing past a truck stopped at a red light. But give parking tickets to a moneymaking corporation, and you’ll be seeing shitloads of tickets, a moneymaker for the government, but a horror for drivers for whom it is already impossible to park.
    One joke I have always told in Japan, to receptive ears, is that it’s impossible to park illegally because all the illegal spaces have been taken.
    Chances are, this privatization will not only cause huge new costs to drivers as well as huge headaches, but it won’t even make a dent in the parking problem. People will simply have no choice.
    Yet another screwed-up “solution”…

  2. Parking Madness

    There’s a joke I came up with years ago: you can’t park illegally in Japan because all the illegal spaces are taken. Parking in Japan is a nightmare, which is why I’m glad I don’t drive a car. Traffic jams and narrow streets are bad enough, but what do…

  3. “Under the revisions, private-sector companies will be commissioned to crack down on parking violations, thus freeing up police to concentrate on more serious matters.”
    I didn’t know that growing ass roots qualified as a ‘serious matter’…

  4. Parking Inspector Assault #2

    This time it happened in Okayama, the home of Momotaro (the chldren’s story character, not the kaitenzushi chain): Man busted for biting parking inspector Now I’m just waiting for the first BIG story to hit. You know, “Man drags parking…

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