no dogs allowed

My bro is moving back to the states after living here the past few years. He left on a flight out of KIX early this morning. My dad came last week and they went down to Kyushu together on a kind of sayonara tour (Adam lived down there before coming to Kansai). My dad is leaving for the airport later today. I’m taking the afternoon off to have lunch and see him off.
Expats who stay here for longer periods all have memories of people leaving; sometimes it seems that life is just a series of goodbyes. For me, these next few months will be tough: My wife is also leaving next month, to start teaching at Mahasarakham University in Thailand. I will be here on this island for four months alone, and I am not looking forward to it. But it must be this way, in order to make it better in the long run.
Jesus, sometimes I’m such a pussy.

7 thoughts on “no dogs allowed

  1. Man, I have been away from my (future) wife for six months (she is Japanese but living in Thailand now)… it sucks but you’ll live man.

  2. Yeah dude, It’s a new twist on the sayonara thing for me. I’ve been prepping myself for the shock of reverse culture shock upon my arrival, and was the one saying goodbye to everyone instead of sending someone off this time.
    Dude, you still have people around you, and staying in contact isn’t as rough as it used to be. Wish you could’ve made it down to Kyushu with us- it was an awesome trip!
    Anyhow, you’ll be in Thailand before you know it. October seems like a long time away, but from now I think momentum will start to build up, and time will start to fly by.
    Yo, thanks for everything. You have really been there for me time after time, dude. Now, time to go enjoy Korea for one and a half hours…

  3. It sounds sad and I agree that saying goodbye to Adam and Dad and then having Nam leave soon for Mahasarakam is tough. Thanks for Being There for everyone and making things right for them in so many ways. And wait until you’re a parent and have to say goodbye to your kids as they grow up and move away! It’s a mixed bag of feelings, being sad, hopeful, sentimental, happy, anxious, and looking forward to seeing them again soon! Thanks for so many good memories, Jus.

  4. Short term pain, long term gain. Time’ll fly by. You’ve got a lot to prepare, I’m sure.
    I’m requesting in advance that you photograph any visits to Lumpinee or Ratchadamnoen Stadiums. Hell, I’m looking forward to any posts about Thailand and culture.

  5. I said goodbye to you once when you left for Canada. Then I was lucky enough to get you back. Time to do that again. But unlike Canada, I will be over for visits in Thailand. Yes, I will even make the trip to Mahasarakham, if only to try out a “Sky-Lab”. We’ll always have u-dee-dee, potato, and b-movie-days-in-j’s-air-conditioned-dorm-room memories…

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