A friend in marketing taught me this term the other day.
Chuppies = Chinese yuppies.
They are the next trendsetters.
God save us all.
My friend says anyone who is anyone in his field will give his left nut to be a major player in this demographic. Me? I went to school with Chuppies, only we didn’t call them that then. We called them sneaky, lying assholes with a twisted sense of Confucianism. Of course, we were just stupid kids, so….

2 thoughts on “Chuppies

  1. Friend of mine, a Hongkong girl is saying something now.
    I try to transulate it…
    “中國自私China, me, myself.無知 ignorance.短視…..short eyesited
    做咩都係為名為利they do anything just for money
    但係眼中只有錢同名利for money and fame, they just see.
    唔理其他人既健康.生命,財產.they don’t care about other peoples’ health, life and money
    有錢既就ok! have money,,,ok
    無人權.言論唔自由新聞唔自由 no human rights, no freedom of speech in news papers,
    所謂港人治港,咪又係要釋法.they have to free Hongkong

  2. That’s why China will always be in the crapper because they’re so willing to screw themselves over for a half a free lunch. That’s one of the reasons why the Chinese military, the institution responsible for defending the people, has always been so rife with graft.

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