Who Needs Lucas?

So if a couple of kids can do the effects this well, all we need is a team of real writers to create Episodes 7-9 and rescue the series from its creator, right? I can’t help but think everything after Return of the Jedi was a pure ego trip. Fuck that.

12 thoughts on “Who Needs Lucas?

  1. Fantastic choreography and effects. I did a bit of research and discovered that the film’s been around since 2003– something of a classic on the fan film circuit, it appears.
    This was my first time seeing it, and I was blown away. According to one source I read, the little kid (Ryan) is now an effects supervisor at Lucasfilm, having apparently met and been hired by the Great Walrus himself.

  2. Fantastic. I loved this. Thanks guys for helping to restore some of my faith in Star Wars. They should have killed the Episodes 1-3, I would have paid for this instead

  3. Damn, those Sith take their training seriously. They seem to be well on their way beyond apprenticeship. Does this mean ep. 7, 8, 9 will be following in due time? Perhaps the Ho brothers have something to say about that!
    Impressive…most impressive.

  4. that’s excellent. Far more interesting than any light saber fight I’ve seen before now… end of.

  5. I like this fanfilm too …..but theres one ive seen that i really liked ….. i think umm it was called Art of the Sword or something …. with 2 Asian guys going at it ….that was pretty powerful too …and yes it does date back …. hehehehehe Be well !!

  6. Both clips are very impressive. I never thought effects and choreography like that could exist outside of Hollywood. Amazing.

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