Who Needs Lucas?

So if a couple of kids can do the effects this well, all we need is a team of real writers to create Episodes 7-9 and rescue the series from its creator, right? I can’t help but think everything after Return of the Jedi was a pure ego trip. Fuck that.

12 thoughts on “Who Needs Lucas?

  1. Fantastic choreography and effects. I did a bit of research and discovered that the film’s been around since 2003– something of a classic on the fan film circuit, it appears.
    This was my first time seeing it, and I was blown away. According to one source I read, the little kid (Ryan) is now an effects supervisor at Lucasfilm, having apparently met and been hired by the Great Walrus himself.

  2. Fantastic. I loved this. Thanks guys for helping to restore some of my faith in Star Wars. They should have killed the Episodes 1-3, I would have paid for this instead

  3. Damn, those Sith take their training seriously. They seem to be well on their way beyond apprenticeship. Does this mean ep. 7, 8, 9 will be following in due time? Perhaps the Ho brothers have something to say about that!
    Impressive…most impressive.

  4. I like this fanfilm too …..but theres one ive seen that i really liked ….. i think umm it was called Art of the Sword or something …. with 2 Asian guys going at it ….that was pretty powerful too …and yes it does date back …. hehehehehe Be well !!

  5. Both clips are very impressive. I never thought effects and choreography like that could exist outside of Hollywood. Amazing.

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