7 thoughts on “This cannot be a good thing

  1. If the licensing process for bengoshi weren’t practically impossible, I’d be practicing japanese and on the soonest plane…
    Lot of yen to be made …

  2. Dude, I took home some nukamiso from your cousins in Oka that had excellent flavor and is quite old, so we have batches of good otsukemono up here in Monterey, as well as down South in OC! That and the umeshu you gave me were the best gifts I brought back. I know that adding things like shiitake, garlic and dried konbu add wonderful flavor….but unlike kimchee, you don’t need raw squid, fishheads or rotten attorneys!

  3. If you add iron it will keep the nasu from turning brown. Some obachan in Sumoto told me that when I saw her stirring the nuka pot on one of my walks around town. She just added old nails!

  4. FWIW, Curzon and myself are contemplating taking the Japanese bar exam in a few years, when it will actually be reasonably possible (30% pass rate, perhaps as high as 60% if you go to a good school).

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