4 thoughts on “The traffic is inside you, grasshopper”

  1. Some Thais believe that the idol of those buddhism thingy should be sitting towards the front wind shield. If not, those statues can not see the vew with their eyes, although they have always the 3rd eye, which means unification of the universe basically, and with which they can see the future as well. This taxi driver put the statue this direction, because HE, the taxi driver, wanted the statues to see the driver, when he is driving. This driver’s atitude towards the idols automatically means that the taxi driver is an ego-centric person and he has not traind, meditated and learnd enough about the meaning of life of Buddhism principle.
    So, when you catch a taxi next time, see the direction of those idol. If you find the driver, setting the idols forward, you can ask him to put the radio volume down, though he is listening his favorite molam or luktum music. And it is seldom to find those drivers nowaday.
    Om mani pedme hum , om.


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