Thailand Wedding Video Update

I’m working on the wedding videos and learning new software (Adobe Premiere 2) at the same time, so bear with me. So far I’ve captured the 3 hours of footage that T took, and I’m waiting for delivery of another few hours from the videographer in Thailand. I will edit it and distribute on DVD to whoever asks for a copy… Meanwhile, here’s a test clip I made while playing around tonight:
(Left click image to play the video, or right click and choose “Save As”)
Well, she said she was gonna get it and she got it. What can I say.
Note: Sharp viewers will spot the obviously confused participant on the left side of the screen.

2 thoughts on “Thailand Wedding Video Update

  1. obviously, that dude-looking girl is a……….what’s the opposite of a ladyboy? mangirl? would’ve been funnier than shit if he got it. For the record, he did reach for it.

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