A bit too one-with-naturistic frou-frou trees are screaming-ish for my tastes, but then again, I wasn’t the one attacked by a 7-foot Humboldt squid while dangling from a line at 250ft in the pitch black. Check it out:
Dancing with Demons
That guy’s got some serious huevos.

2 thoughts on “Scar

  1. Seriously hard-boiled huevos on that nutcase!
    Giant Humboldt Squid may be intelligent and beautiful but so was that pet albino Red Devil Cichlid in Hua Hin named “Lat”….14 years old, mean, agressively territorial of his tank and capable of a nasty bite, I’m sure! No way I’d feed Lat or swim with the squiddies!

  2. been there, seen that. The biggest ones we caught were an easy 6 ft long – 60/80 lbs. They had an ammonia-y taste unless you soaked em in milk for awhile. The range of these things is phenomenal. In the Sea of Cortez, along the pacific side of Baja all the way up to Farallon Islands off SFO. When these things are around – all the fish hide, or get eaten. And yes, large cajones are needed for going in the water with these beasts. Additionally, ‘sin sesos’ are also required.

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