Red Alert

If your name is Chris, and you are Chinese (and you are studying medicine in Chicago and dating my little sister), you need to see this:
Peanut Kiss Not Cause of Death for Quebec Girl
Why the coroner waited until now to reveal this news is unclear, as is the reason why the “test results” are taking so goddamn long. We should obviously not be expecting the hit show CSI:Quebec anytime soon, I am thinking.
Anyway, Chris is a real nice guy, but I suspect that’s more of a survival requirement than anything else, since people who he pisses off can get revenge by simply shooting him with Skippy-tipped bullets… And remember, all of you – I won the right (via rock-scissors-paper) fair and square to administer the Epi-pen shot, Vincent Vega style.

2 thoughts on “Red Alert

  1. dude, that story is bogus. it turns out she died from an asthma attack, which I believe was probably induced from an allergic reaction to peanuts. anyway, the shirt you got for me is arriving on monday… can’t wait to wear it around chicago. pictures will be sent shortly after.

  2. The only reason you like Chinese Guy is because he has the cojones to wear that shirt (but not in an evangelical church) AND because you won jan-ken-pon and want to stab him Vincent Vega style!
    Can I watch??

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