Mayoral Election Signboard

Every year around this time in Japan the streets are filled with the sounds of Old Men Who Want Your Vote (And Mount Large Loudspeakers on Election Vehicles). Unfortunately they cannot have mine, because I cannot vote. Satan won’t let me (er… also because I’m not Japanese, but Satan is pretty goddamn compelling as well). I feel a bit left out, you see.
So I took some pictures instead.
The election signboard with names and faces of each candidate.
With a slogan like GENKI UP SUMOTO, how can you lose? (for some reason, this slogan makes me envision Fitty rousing up his sleeping crew with a hearty, “GENKI UP, MOTHERFUCKAS!”)
This guy’s channeling Mr. T or something. “I’m gonna MESS YOU UP, sucka!”
The token “former Aum follower/current Scientologist”.
They’re gonna run me out of this city for sure.

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